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We can build your tour with you, tell us your taste, your interests and hobbies and we’ll make you enjoy them in a wonderful and unique way in Jordan.

Our suggestions take into account the different seasons of the year, to let you stay in the middle of blossoming black Iris or have a look to famous Jordan Rally or taking part to the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon. We can offer you several adventures itineraries mainly based in the desert, in the rocks and rivers or in the Red Sea.

You can make snorkeling and diving in the Gulf of Aqaba. Have a look to the coral at the Cedar Pride wreck! You would like to do something more unsual ? If you are an intermediate diver let’s plan an immersion at Power Station, Gorgonian or Aquarium and Coral Gardens. If you are a beginner better to go at First Bay closet o Marine Science Station. Anyway we can drive you through the different diving centers in the Jordan coast of the Red Sea.

You want to explore the Wadi Rum desert ? Let’s plan a tour of the Jebel Rum or of the Jebel Umm Adaami. Something more challening ? Let’s go to the Canyon of Makharas. But we can also drive you for scrambling to Burdha Rock or in the puzzling siq of Rakhabat Canyon.

You have chlidrens and you want them learn the feeling of excursions ? We can suggest you a family tour in the Shaumari Natural Reserve.

Now it is clear, whatever adventure you like, whatever combination of emotions you imagine, we can make it real, just tell us some cues and consider it done in the wonderful scenario of Jordan. Ask for a proposal!

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