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Even just the tour in Petra is worthwhile a travel in Jordan! Entering the Siq up to the Treasury is a unique emotion, and if you follows our guides we let you enjoy the asthonishing view with the best sunlight of the day. But Petra is also the High Place of Sacrifice, the Monastery and a long tour of regal tombs.

In Petra you can choose to spend half a day, one full day or even two days, it depends on you, on your will to discover less known sites or walk through the uncommon paths enjoying the special atmosphere  or the schadow of the oleanders.

Imagine the emotions of Burckhardt when in 1812 invented a story to convince his guide to drive him to that fantastic ruin in the middle of Wadi Musa:

“…On the side of the perpendicular rock, directly opposite to the issue of the main valley, an excavated mausoleum came in view, the situation and beauty of which are calculated to make an extraordinary impression upon the traveller, after having traversed for nearly half an hour such a gloomy and almost subterraneous passage as I have described. It is one of the most elegant remains of antiquity ex­isting in Syria; its state of preservation resembles that of a building recently finished, and on a closer examination I found it to be a work of immense labour.”….from

Travels in Syria and the Holy Lands, John Lewis Burckhardt

In Petra we can guide you in having a tea with local beduins or in catching the spirit of Petra under the lights of candles. But you have not to miss also Little Petra (Siq al-Barid)

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